Incidental beauty


Sligo Creek in the rain

I had an epiphany a couple of years ago. No surprise, I was at the beach, where epiphanies come easily to me. Here it is: I can go to the ocean, and simply being there makes me feel grateful, more whole, more a part of the universe. I don’t have to hit a particular heart rate, or nail a dance combination, make a certain distance on a run or even run until the endorphins kick in. There is something about sea air that shifts the molecules in my body, and all I have to do is be there and breathe.

Incidental beauty.

This happens near home, too. On the trails of Sligo Creek Park trees tower over me, loamy earth cushions my step, the sound of burbling water cascades down my spine like a caress. Every day I am there, even for a few moments, these gifts register beauty in my bones.

Cumulative beauty.

Put yourself in the way of beauty. It is around us all the time. Even when we are not looking.


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