Good traffic

Traffic on my commute to work this week was amazing.

On the lower spur of Woodland Avenue, Jonah had a great story to tell from the front stoop. Something about a girl with a dress and, well, I didn’t quite hear the whole thing — there was an interruption for tears when Jonah’s mom got into the car to go to work, but it was short-lived, and soon the rest of the story came out and I was on my way again, waving goodbye to Peter, Ben and Jonah (from left).

PeteJonahBenOn the Old Town speedway, just where morning coffee traffic lets out of Capital City Cheesecake, an incident involving gasoline-powered leaf blowers created some rubber-necking and chatter: nothing but a local activist observing a city contractor using the pollution-spewing machines despite a ban on use by the city’s own crews.  The incident meant pulling over to the sidewalk for a chat. “Hey, those are illegal!” the activist called to the contractor moving the blowers out of the back of his truck. The contractor just looked confused.  More neighborhood list serve traffic can be expected in this area later in the day.

At the intersection of Carroll and Laurel avenues, there was a slowed bicycle and subsequent review of last night’s conversation between friends –spurred by the movie Suffragette — on the link between the the right to vote and contemporary women’s freedom to own property and have custody of our children. Could we even link my ability to ride my bike to work to the vote for women? Anyway, I am so grateful for those risk-taking women who came before me. So grateful, and so adamant about expressing that feeling, that the delay on the street stretched long.


Finally there was a back-up at the bike racks, trying to find a spot where I didn’t have to wiggle in between one bicycle’s kid seat and another’s extra-wide front basket. I don’t mind though. All those people biking to metro. It’s great.

It’s the best kind of traffic.




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