WWabassohen people ask what I do, I tell them I write and edit. That is my job. But it is more than that – it is who I am. And I love it.
Still, the professional business of writing is full of obligations and audiences and deadlines, subjects to avoid and themes to cover and balance between what you really want to say and what you are able to say without alienating whoever it is you’re writing for. Mixed Ginger is where I get to lose all that and use my own, unfiltered voice. I get to focus on what inspires me. And the bonus: like making any art, writing it helps me slow down and notice the world around me long enough to capture it on the page—for myself, and for my readers.
I write Mixed Ginger mostly for myself, but I admit it’s a real lift when it resonates with someone else. If you are that someone else, please comment! And let me know.
Happy reading!


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